News Of Our Loved Ones: Book Review

BookBar Mon, 10/01/2018 - 2:13pm


News of Our Loved Ones is a book about World War II – stop, it’s not the kind of World War II book that you’re probably thinking it is. Author Abigail DeWitt settles readers into various places during the war and then in America, after it. She jumps from character to character, providing a rich story and detailed characters without having to christen the book as “yet another Holocaust story”. No, DeWitt’s novel provides us with a point of view of some of the others: villagers in small French towns, daughters who move to Paris to study music, villagers who lived complicated lives before settling into the town of Caen, France – a town occupied by the Nazi Germans, a town directly in the path of  the soon to be invading Allies and their bombers, a town that becomes a focal point for the memory of Genevieve, one of the characters that DeWitt narrates with and one of the only surviving members of the Delasalle family, whom readers spend the most time with as DeWitt’s story twists forwards and backwards through time.

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