Tod Davies - Reading & Signing

Join BookBar in welcoming Tod Davies! Tod will be reading and signing her latest installment of The History of Arcadia series, Report to Megalopolis.

“Monster Hit: 200 Years of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN,” a talk by author Tod Davies on why this classic fantasy horror story has kept its hold on enthralled audiences for two centuries and counting, is coming to BookBar Denver, on Sunday, August 26th, at 6 pm. Davies will also read from her latest book, the fourth in The History of Arcadia series, Report to Megalopolis or The Post-modern Prometheus, a worthy descendant of Shelley’s classic.

Tod Davies says,  “Frankenstein’s Monster is one of the most compelling and influential images in just about all aspects of our culture: scientific, literary, popular and more. Why is that? How did it happen that a nineteen year old girl suddenly found her voice, weaving an unforgettable tale retold countless times the world over? I’ll delve into this mystery, maybe coming up with an answer or two, as we look at the history of the story itself, its ensuing popularity, and the many different versions spawned by Mary Shelley’s original monstrous hit. I’ll read from the latest of these descendants, my own Report to Megalopolis, and talk about visionary fiction through the ages.”

About Report to Megalopolis:
You won’t need to have read any other of The History of Arcadia books to become engrossed in the drama of Aspern Grayling, whose obsession with creating a new life form—in the person of ruthless adventurer Pavo Vale—could destroy all his world. A compelling descendant of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this is a tale of a man bent on conquest, and of an adversary that may yet defeat him: the ghost of the Arcadian Devindra Vale, the only woman he has ever loved.

More aptly called “Wonder Tales” than “Fairy Tales,” the first three novels in The History of Arcadia series were embraced as crossover titles, prompting critics and booksellers to ask readers to “imagine Lewis Carroll with footnotes by Jonathan Swift.” With their strong and loving female protagonists, accessible storylines, fantastical settings, sophisticated illustrations, and powerful messages, each novel in The History of Arcadia series is truly visionary.

About Tod Davies:
Tod Davies lives with her husband, the filmmaker Alex Cox, and their two dogs, Gray and Pearl, in the alpine valley of Colestin, Oregon. She is the author of Snotty Saves the Day, Lily the Silent, and The Lizard Princess, the first three books in The History of Arcadia series, as well as the cooking memoirs Jam Today: A Diary of Cooking With What You’ve Got and Jam Today Too: The Revolution Will Not Be Catered. Unsurprisingly, her attitude toward literature is the same as her attitude toward cooking—it’s all about working with what you have to find new ways of looking and new ways of being.

Event date: 
Sunday, August 26, 2018 - 5:00pm
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