Reading & Signing with Candace Kearns Read

Join Candace Kearns Read at BookBar for a reading and signing of her memoir, The Rope Swing.

How do you care for a parent who never took care of you? 30-something Hollywood script reader Candace’s life may seem glamorous on the surface, but the reality is much darker. Stuck in a codependent relationship with her near-bankrupt, pill-popping mother, she has no self-esteem, no love life, and no money to pay the rent. If something doesn’t change soon, her mother will soon be homeless. When Joe, a solid, reliable guy comes along and offers her his heart and the promise of a better life, she has the chance to break the dysfunctional cycle.

As the story of her adult life unfolds, scenes from Candace’s past reveal the precarious environment she grew up in, trapped in her unfit mother’s home during the era of free love and hallucinogens, and shipped off to distant relatives for weekends and vacations. After her mother ends up in a psychiatric hospital, a totally unexpected phone call comes from Nancy, a daughter Candace never knew her mother had. The entrance of this new person into their lives causes Candace to feel shock and anger at first, but ultimately it will give her a whole new perspective. The healing begins, but only after she learns the power of letting go.

The Rope Swing is the story of one woman’s attempt to save her mother from drug addiction, and how she ultimately managed to save herself instead. Written for anyone who grew up in a dysfunctional family and now has to take care of their aging parents, Candace Kearns Read’s memoir tells the story of her days as a neurotic Hollywood screenwriter, script reader, and production assistant trying to save her drug-addicted mother from losing her house, her mind and her life, all the while struggling to preserve her own relationships, career, and sanity.

Event date: 
Friday, January 27, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
The Rope Swing: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9781937905392
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Published: Eagle Wings Press - August 12th, 2016