Phil Goodstein Author Event

Historian Phil Goodstein will be at BookBar for a reading and signing for his newest book The Denver School Book: The History of Denver Public Schools 1859-1967.

About The Denver School Book: Schools have been places of hope. They have also been institutions of fear. Teachers and members of the public have been frequently frustrated by them. From the time of the Pikes Peak gold rush into the 21st century, the promises and problems of schools have been central to forging the Mile High City. Dreamers and schemers have repeatedly angled to get hold of them. Debates on what they are and should be have been unending. This is the first part of a three-volume examination of District #1 of Denver Public Schools of the City and County of Denver. The study traces the system’s origins to the first school in the territory in 1859. In probing the emergence of public schools, it looks at the rise of private schools. Immense attention is paid to both educators and those who have served on the school board. The volume tells when and why schools were built and for whom they were named. In examining the schools, The Denver School Book highlights achievements and failures. The study probes the close links between corporate Denver and the school board. Most of all, it focuses on the aspirations and achievements of those who have attended Denver Public Schools, their parents, and the community in which they have lived. Volume two will focus on the school busing wars, covering the period from1967 to 1995. The third part will bring the story into the 21st century. The message is that the schools have been interconnected with the city and have reflected the values of those making Denver their home.

About the Author: Phil Goodstein is a product of Denver Public Schools. He was never comfortable in the system. In trying to understand the nature of the schools he was forced to attend, he came to want to change the world. After earning his diploma from East High in 1970, he gained a doctorate of history from the University of Colorado in 1981. Since then, he has published on a wide array of subjects, primarily focusing on the Mile High City. He is proud of his six-volume Denver from the Bottom Up, a history of the Queen City from its origins into the 21st century. By studying the past, Goodstein argues, people can grasp the present and so forge the future. The Denver School Book is a contribution toward this goal.

Event date: 
Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm