Local Author Happy Hour

Meet local authors, Parker Davis, Michael Kilman, and Kira Weston, and get signed copies of books. ½ off any drink on our menu for attendees.

Parker Davis is a writer, director, and composer from Denver. His creative career began in high school with the creation of the Not Yet Music website, which allowed indie
filmmakers from around the world to easily commission original scores for low-budget films. After university, Parker's endeavors expanded into writing and direction for film and
literature. Not Yet Music morphed into a new studio called Mirror-Touch Media, whose first project was the production and publication of a new graphic novel: Priming the
Charge.  After a year living in the Bahamas, Parker returned to live and work in Colorado, and he adores how easy it is to take beautiful photos here.

Michael Kilman is an anthropologist and author of the dystopian sci-fi series, The Chronicles of the Great Migration. When he isn't lecturing at the University of Colorado at Denver or working on his YouTube series, Anthropology in 10 or Less, he is out exploring other worlds so as to report back what he finds.

Kira Weston writes Young Adult fiction, often day-dreaming the what-ifs of magic and science fiction, and how they might affect the world. Kira grew up in Las Vegas, NV under the hot sun and the distant lights of the famous Las Vegas Strip, and now resides in Colorado, which is much cooler—most of the time. When she’s not writing, she spends her time befriending cats, hoping for rain, drinking mochas, and listening to music.

Event date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm