Happier Hour Storytime - The Imagine Project

Happier Hour is the happiest storytime! Adults get 1/2 off wine and kids meals for participants (starting at 4) and kids get storytime (starting at 4:30) then cookies!

International speaker and author Dianne Maroney and Victoria Medina are our guest storytime readers! 

About Byron the Caterpillar Who Loved to Imagine!:
Byron loves to Imagine! He imagines so much he can't stop talking about his dreams. When the animals in the forest tell him he will never be able to do the things he dreams of, Byron becomes very sad. Then he talks to the wise old owl who tells him to write down his Imagine dreams and listen to his heart, then magical things start happening! Help your kids Imagine the possibilities in their lives, believe in themselves, and listen to their hearts!

About Dianne Maroney:
Dianne Maroney is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. She is the founder of The Imagine Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps kids, teens, and adults overcome challenging life circumstances through expressive writing. Dianne is a thought leader in the area of stress and trauma in children. Her simple, yet profound 7-step writing tool, now used by schools across the US, gives kids and teens the opportunity to rewrite a challenging personal story and Imagine new possibilities in its place.

Dianne is an international speaker and author of several books including her most recent is, The Imagine Project: Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2018). Her first book The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2013) won multiple awards including the coveted Benjamin Franklin Award for nonfiction titles. Dianne's children's book, Byron the Caterpillar Who Loved to Imagine (Yampa Valley Publishing, 2017) is a gift to all who read it, and Your Premature Baby and Child (Berkley, 1999) was written after her daughter was born extremely premature. Dianne lives outside of Denver with her husband and has 3 grown children.



Event date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 4:30pm