Happier Hour with Kimberly Spencer

Children's story time + happy hour = Happier Hour. 1/2 off happier hour specials from 4-5. Stories at 4:30. Make everyone happier!

About the Book: Does your kiddo need a little inspiration and confidence that they can do anything they set their mind to? Meet Kai! She is your typical little girl, except she finds herself constantly faced with obstacles because of her size and age - a challenge many young children face. With positive reinforcement and the help of her loving parents, she realizes that she can overcome any challenge. Kai is spreading the message that no matter your size or age, you can do anything you set your mind to!

About the Author:  Kimberly Spencer was born and raised in East St. Louis, IL and recently relocated to the beautiful Denver, CO. She once owned her own cupcake business, Graffiti Cupcakes; a dream of hers that she at first felt was too far out of reach, but with encouragement from people in her corner, Kimberly was able to make her cupcake business a success. After closing that chapter, she decided it was time to conquer her next dream - writing a children's book with an inspiring message. Kimberly remembers reading fairytales about princesses being saved or a magic bean saving the day and being excited that somewhere out there dreams come true. She wanted to write something that would motivate children to put their best foot forward and fight to overcome obstacles. The idea of But I'm Too Little was born after Kimberly overheard a little girl say she was too little to do something that was in her reach. It reminded her of the children she has nannied over the years. They would sometimes feel too small to do certain things and Kimberly would always be right there to motivate them, give them a helping hand and a small push to overcome their fear. Kimberly’s hope is that after hearing Kai's story of overcoming fears and obstacles, readers will realize that their dreams are never too big.

Event date: 
Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 4:30pm