Frights and Flights with Jonathan Raab

Join us for a fright-inducing reading and flights of wine or beer.


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Jonathan Raab is the editor in chief of Muzzleland Press and previously worked as an editor for the War Writers’ Campaign. His nonfiction about veterans’ issues has appeared in The New York Times At War Blog, The Stars and Stripes,, and many others. He is the author of the gonzo war novel Flight of the Blue Falcon, The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, and The Lesser Swamp Gods of Little Dixie. His novella Cold Call is featured in Turn to Ash Volume 2: Open Lines, he co-wrote the Mississippi Bones album Radio Free Conspiracy Theory, and his short fiction has appeared in the Lovecraft eZine, The Book of Blasphemous Words, Letters of Decline, A Breath From the Sky, and more. He lives in Colorado with his wife Jess and their dog Egon where he continues to watch the skies. You can find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @muzzlelandpress.


The apocalypse begins in Colorado. Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI is one of the most infamous slasher-movie sequels of the 1980s. Known for its over-the-top gore effects, bizarre and psychedelic campground killer plot—and its legacy as a lightning rod for conspiracy theories concerning everything from UFOs and alien abductions to 9/11 and a secret cabal at the heart of world power. This book contains a complete, authorized adaptation of the infamous cult slasher movie, as well as the secret history of a behind-the-scenes drama and high strange events that inspired the filmmakers, complete with

footnotes and autobiographical anecdotes. Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI: The Official Novelization is a love letter to the horror movie boom of the 1980s, conspiracy theories of the 1990s—and, perhaps, a dire warning of the dark future to come.

Event date: 
Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm