First Saturday Poetry Series

Join BookBar in welcoming Susan Spear and Jared Smith for our monthly First Saturday Poetry series.

Susan will be reading from her book Beyond all Bearing. Jared will be reading from his book Shadows Within The Roaring Fork.

About the Poets:

Susan Spear is an Assistant Professor of English at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Western State Colorado University. Her poems have appeared in many print and online journals. Along with teaching and writing, she serves as the Managing Editor of Think, a journal of poetry, criticism, and reviews. Beyond All Bearing, published by Wipf and Stock in 2017, is her first collection of poetry.

About Beyond All Bearing:

Beyond All Bearing distills and illuminates moments in ordinary lives, in ordinary time, and renders them extraordinary. These poems turn the quotidian into the rhythm and the rhyme that is poetry, preserving them on the page. Some of these moments shimmer with the beauty of pansies and paperwhites out of season; some flicker with the grace of candles placed on a table at the end of a tragic day or the grace of a holy kiss, some hum with love for family, friends, and students; some hint at a longing for God; some speak without flinching of unspeakable tragedy. And yet, among the songs of loss and grief which pervades this collection, God enters “beautiful beyond all bearing.”


Jared Smith is the author of 13 books of poetry, including his Collected Poems: 1971-2011; multimedia productions in New York and Chicago;  and two Spoken Word CDs. His poems, essays, and literary commentary have appeared in hundreds of publications in this country and abroad. He is Poetry Editor of Turtle Island Quarterly, and has served on the editorial boards of The New York Quarterly; Home Planet News; and The Pedestal Magazine. He is listed in Poets & Writers Directory, The Colorado Poets Center, Who's Who In America, and other reference sources.

About Shadows Within the Roaring Fork:

Joseph Hutchison writes of this volume, "While many American poets register their personal psychic stresses by embracing fragmentation, discontinuity, and easy ironies, Smith approach is coherent, wide-ranging, unabashedly direct, and fiercely humane.  Like Blake, Whitman, Jeffers, and Thomas McGrath, Jared Smith refuses to speak just for himself: in these poems, the personal and the transpersonal form a kind of confluence, each stream joining and energizing the other. This is necessary poetry...the kind that offers readers the gift of realizing they are necessary as well."

Happy Hour mingling starts at 4:30, reading starts at 5:30.


Event date: 
Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 4:30pm