Dr. Savita Ginde Book Launch

Dr. Savita Ginde is a first-generation American, the daughter of Indian immigrants. After earning her Medical Degree in 1997, she completed a residency in Family Medicine followed by a Fellowship in Family Planning. It was during her Residency training that Savita first developed her interest in women’s healthcare. After completing her fellowship in 2003, Dr. Ginde moved to Colorado to work for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM). Dr. Ginde served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of PPRM for fourteen years. Throughout her tenure with PPRM, she worked to broaden the scope of PPRM’s healthcare, expanding its services to include transgender care, integrated abortion care, and to develop the clinical research program into a widely admired and comprehensive clinical training program.

Recently, Dr. Ginde was at the center of a major controversy involving a fabricated news story. This experience provided her with unique insight into the state of modern-day journalism andthe boundaries around the free speech afforded to Americans through the First Amendment. Author of The Real Cost of Fake News, she has firsthand account of how media and reproductive rights can weave a dangerous thread of intersectionality. 

Today, Dr. Ginde serves as the Senior Medical Director for one of the Federally-Qualified Health Centers in Colorado. She is part of an integrated healthcare team that manages over two dozen health centers and delivers comprehensive healthcare to the medically indigent population of suburban Denver.


Event date: 
Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 7:00pm