Cancelled: Local Author Happy Hour

Meet local authors, Jason Henry Evans, O.E. Tearmann, and Erin Jay Moyer, and get signed copies of books. ½ off any drink on our menu for attendees.

Jason Henry Evans always wanted to be a writer, he just didn’t know it. Growing up and graduating college in Southern California, he moved to Denver in 2004 when he married his wife, the Fetching Mrs. Evans. He had his first short story published in 2014 and has had a nine short stories published since then. He is a regular contributor to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers blog, is an assistant editor for the Writing from the Peak website, and teaches classes about writing at conferences all over Colorado. Jason holds two bachelor’s degrees from UC Santa Barbara, as well as a masters from CU: Denver. His debut novel, The Gallowglass, was released in July of 2019 to much acclaim. His debut novella, Colleen, was released in December.

O.E. Tearmann lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, in what may become the Co-Wy Grid. They share the house with a brat in fur, a husband and a great many books. Their search engine history may garner them a call from the FBI one day. When they're not living on base 1407 they advocate for a more equitable society and more sustainable agricultural practices, participate in sundry geekdom and do their best to walk their characters' talk.

Erin Jay Moyer is a poet, a novelist, and a lover of language with a degree in linguistics. His current focus is on is new dystopian action adventure series, ‘NINETEEN’. Erin spent his last two years living in Japan teaching English. He still spends a considerable amount of his time studying Japanese. He says, “Learning another language opens your mind to another way of seeing the world.” He has recently returned to Denver, his hometown, in order to pursue a career as a novelist and a computational linguist.

Event date: 
Saturday, March 14, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm