Book Launch with Shahira Qudrat

Raised amidst two cultures, Afghan-American and proud Muslim

woman Shahira N. Qudrat found herself at odds with her own

identity. Nestled between two flags, Shahira struggled to find a balance between her strong Afghan community and the new American way of life. She relives her family upheavals, failed relationships, and spiritual searchings to

trace how she came to find her own genius in the

space she calls “the authenticity zone.”

In this searing collection of memories,

Shahira confronts the intersection of difficult subjects such as immigration, feminism, religion, discrimination, harassment, and living as a Muslim woman in America post 9/11 through powerful and poignant stories of seeking and living her authentic self in everyday moments.

Shahira Qudrat is a cross-cultural leadership guide and consultant for Multi-American women who desire to excel in corporate leadership while defusing cultural blocks and self-limiting beliefs and juggling dual-identities. She provides corporate consulting, workshops and one-on-one mentorship that demystifies cultural nuances within the workplace and helps women with dual-identities grow and excel.

Shahira is also the founder of Multi-American Moxie, an organization that helps develop first & second generation American women who desire to live in their zone of authenticity. As a thought leader, inspirational speaker, and role model for women who struggle to exist within dual cultures, Shahira teaches them to navigate life within dual cultures, and embrace their roots along with their American identity.

Active in community service, Shahira spends time aiding refugee families in their transition to American life. With an MBA under her belt, she also serves as a business leader who merges passion with purpose. With over 15 years in private and non-profit business sector, her own core strengths include organizational change management, high functioning team development, business strategy planning, and project management. Shahira is also passionate about her roles as a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. She and her husband reside in Denver, Colorado, where they are raising their five beautiful children.



Event date: 
Friday, December 14, 2018 - 8:00pm to 9:30pm