Book Launch Party with Wendy Terrien

Join us for a book launch party for  Wendy Terrien's two new books, The Clan Calling and The League of Governors. 

About The League of Governors: 

Jason Lex just saved the world. Now he's immersed in training as a new Rampart Guard to protect the shield that enables humans and cryptids like Skyfish, Bigfoot, and the Black Shuck to live side by side and danger-free. A summons from the League of Governors, the clandestine organization that presides over the human-cryptid treaty, takes a suspicious turn when Jason's dad and sister disappear on their way to League headquarters. Jason must find them before things go bad, so he follows their trail to London where he discovers the League of Governors may not be the benevolent organization everyone believes.
Injured and alone, Jason doesn't know whom to trust. After a shocking loss sends him reeling, news about his family forces Jason to make a terrible choice. When he learns of a secret plan to enslave the world, Jason must risk his life to defeat a powerful enemy and reunite what's left of his family. But can he stop a dominating adversary and again save the world before it's too late?


About The Clan Calling:

Sadie Callahan’s life is as normal as it can be after helping her friend, Jason Lex, save the world, and learning cryptids like Skyfish and Bigfoot are real. Things go bad when Sadie comes home after school and finds a strange man with his hands on her grandmother’s neck. Trained in Tae Kwon Do, Sadie strikes and forces the man from their house. Soon after the clash, people around her start behaving oddly. Is she somehow triggering their weird behavior?
Alone and unnerved after her grandmother falls ill, Sadie searches for ways to heal her but uncovers deceit and is forced to question everything she thought she knew. After being attacked, she’s shocked to learn a heartbreaking family secret. Still reeling from the news, Sadie is shattered by tragedy but threatened by a new enemy and forced to make an ominous decision: run and save herself or risk her life and fight to save the lives of those she loves.


Wendy Terrien received her first library card at age two, and a few years later started writing her own stories. Her debut novel, The Rampart Guards (February 2016), earned a Kirkus starred review and was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016. The novel is a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist, a Next Generation Indies Award Finalist, and is the first in her intriguing urban fantasy series. The next two books in the series, The League of Governors and The Clan Calling, will be released summer 2017.

 Wendy lives in the Denver area with her husband, Kevin, and their three dogs: Maggie, Shea, and Boon. All of her dogs are rescues, and Wendy is passionate about promoting shelter adoptions. If you’re in Colorado, you may even be able to spot her by her “Adopt a Shelter Pet” license plates.

Event date: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm