Cheetahs, Writing, and Publishing OH MY!: A conversation with Erin Hunter

BookBar Wed, 10/17/2018 - 9:21am

Gillian Philip is one of the authors under the pen name, Erin Hunter. She has written for the Survivors series, along with Inbali Iserles. She lives in the northeast Scottish Highlands with her husband, three dogs, two cats, and hamster. She is also the author to the Rebel Angels series, the Darke Academy series, and young adult novels including Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, and The Opposite of Amber.

Q: You work with a team of women to publish your work. Can you tell me about that process of teamwork and the relationship you all share together?

A: It’s a really different way of writing than I did before just on my own, but it was really easy to adapt to, and so much fun. There’s about six writers as well as an editorial team. It’s kind of centered in London, but we’re all over the place, so we tend to communicate by email or phone. We plan storylines really carefully, which doesn’t mean it always goes to plan, we still come across stumbling points. So the story line is planned, and then just one writer takes and writes the story, since it’s easier to do it smoothly that way. It’s all checked by the team to make sure the voice is right, because Erin’s voice has to be consistent. We try to make it like Erin’s a real personality and she has her own style. I always think it’s like Dr Who, and Erin just regenerates. It’s a great way of working, I really like it.

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