BookWorm review by Griffin: 24 Hours in Nowhere

BookBar Tue, 07/03/2018 - 9:53am

Review by: Griffin
Age: 11
Title: 24 Hours in Nowhere 
Author: Dusti Bowling
Release Date: Sep 4, 2018

My Review:
Hi there. Welcome to Nowhere, Arizona. You won’t find a “less livable” town in the whole United States or a better place for a dramatic, yet humorous, adventure. Our narrator Gus is a thirteen year old boy with dreams of getting out of his grandmother’s smelly trailer, away from bullies and out of Nowhere entirely. He’s not the only person looking for a way out. Rossi Scott is one of the town's best dirt bikers. Jessie Navarro is a “use-to-be” friend of Gus’ and Matthew Dufort is a member of Bo Taylor’s squad of town jerks. Mathew and Jessie’s families have been feuding for years over something that happened long ago. Of course, this wouldn’t be a desert story without treasure or gold or characters pulled into dangerous situations. If you liked the movie “The Goonies” or the book “Holes,” you have to read 24 Hours in Nowhere. I promise you’ll end up somewhere good. 

By the way, this story is set in Arizona like Dusti Bowling’s first book, Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, but the stories are very different. You won’t want to miss either one.