Book/Bar Bundles

BookBar Thu, 10/29/2020 - 1:47pm

Introducing….Book/Bar Bundles! This holiday season, give the gift of books and booze with a curated, themed bundle from BookBar. 

ABOUT THE BUNDLES: Each bundle will contain a book (fiction or non-fiction), a bottle of wine or a 4 pack of beer, and a cookbook. If cookbooks aren’t your cup of tea, it can be replaced with a gift card worth the amount of your choosing. Prices will vary, as we create each bundle individually, but we will let you know the price before you come to pick it up. Bundles must be picked up in person, since we will need to check ID for the alcohol sales. If you purchase a bundle, you will receive 15% off the final price. The bundles range from $65-$95 (including tax and discount) depending on the books that are selected. 

HOW TO PURCHASE: Email (you can address your email to Mara) if you are interested in purchasing a book/bar bundle! We will be able to help you with any specifications, give you an exact price, and let you know when to pick it up. Then, just stop by - curbside pickup or in-store browsing - and pay when you pick it up! 

Recipient already has one of the books, or just prefers a different one? Returns and exchanges for all books will be accepted! 

If book/bar bundles don’t sound exactly like what you need, try our personalized shopping option! You can direct personalized shopping inquiries to


Bundle #1: Local Love

Comes with our locally-made BookBar Zinfandel blend; a book by a local author; and a Colorado cookbook or beer book. 

Bundle #2: Beach Day

Comes with a rosé or sparkling rosé; a light beach read; and a summery cookbook. 

Bundle #3: Murders & Mysteries

Comes with a syrah; a mystery or thriller; and a cookbook. 

Bundle #4: International Getaway

Comes with a wine from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, or South Africa; a book by an international or translated author; and a cookbook featuring international cuisine. 

Bundle #5: Still Not Sick of Politics?

Comes with a red wine, a white wine, or a 4-pack of beer in blue cans (your choice of Telluride IPA or Dyad Sour); a nonfiction or fiction book related to politics; and a cookbook from an American region or chef. 

Bundle #6: Beers & Fears

Comes with a mix-n-match 4-pack of beer (list of options available upon request); a spooky, horror, or mystery novel; and a cookbook or cocktail book.