A Borrowed Hell (Paperback)

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WINNER of the 2018 Colorado Book Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy Lost in a barren alternative world, July Davish has two options: Confront his hellish past or be trapped there forever.

Fate has dealt July a lifetime of nothings; no happy childhood, no lasting relationships, and now, no job. His mantra of perseverance has gotten him through it all, but faced with losing his home, he finally sets foot on the same road of self-destruction the rest of his family followed.

An accident changes everything. When two colliding cars send him diving from a San Diego sidewalk toward safety, he lands somewhere far from safe-in a bizarrely deserted version of San Francisco. Though he wakes in his own reality, he continues to pass out, dragged back to that strange world each time.

July is willing to do anything to end his world-hopping, right up until he learns the price: reliving a past he's tried his whole life to forget. He's not sure his sanity can take it. Not even to get back to his own world, a woman he's falling in love with, and a life he finally cares about.

  • ★★★★★ Found a New Author - Loved the story and I look forward to the next. Robert Driskel
  • ★★★★★ Keep moving forward - This is a hero's journey on the most intimate and personal level. A story of increasing conflict and tension that evokes first sympathy and then empathy: Are we heroes enough to face the pains we've locked away? I read the latter 2/3 at one go. I couldn't put it down. R. Finegold
  • ★★★★★ Another view of Hell - Colter uses 'Alternate Reality' to explore questions of Change, Courage, Suffering and what it takes to defeat our fears. An engaging book to read and halfway through found myself staying up late into the night following the characters to discover the ending. Don T.
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About the Author

Due to a varied work background, Liz has harnessed, hitched, and worked draft horses, and worked in medicine, canoe expeditioning, and as a roller-skating waitress. She also knows more about concrete than you might suspect. Liz is a 2014 winner of the international Writers of the Future contest and has multiple short story publications to her credit spanning a wide range of science fiction and fantasy sub-genres. Her novels written under the name L. D. Colter explore contemporary fantasy and the dark/weird/magic realism that currently dominates her own reading, and ones written as L. Deni Colter venture into the epic fantasy realms she grew up reading and loving. Her website can be found at: http: //lizcolter.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781988863504
ISBN-10: 1988863503
Publisher: Digital Fantasy Fiction, an Imprint of Digita
Publication Date: December 17th, 2017
Pages: 270
Language: English