Gihli, The Chief Named Dog: Book 3 of the Cherokee Chronicles (Paperback)

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Will Chief Dog defend or defeat the village?

Will Ali survive the abduction?

Will Atselvdi be seduced by the Dark Way?

Renegade Tagwa Warriors out for a thrill A Killer witch in search of a victim's souls to extend his life. A happy young girl whose world is turned upside down. An old priest with a dark secret. A young priest faced with a quandary. A Peace Chief trying to hold her family and her village together. After thirteen years of peace and harmony, the village of Tsikohi is shaken when three young girls are kidnapped by three ruthless, Tagwa savages while, at the same time, there is evidence that a dreaded Raven Mocker killer witch, has claimed a Tsikohi victim. Chief Gihli's name is the key to his intentions. What is his secret? Will they figure it out in time?

Set in a time when the Cherokee were at their peak and before the European influence, this fast-paced story of peace and war, good versus evil, and the pursuit of love and happiness takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions while enlightening him on the fascinating culture that was the "Ani Yun Wiya", the real people, the Cherokee The long lost culture is brought back to life through award-winning story-telling.

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ISBN: 9781949742008
ISBN-10: 1949742008
Publisher: Courtney Miller
Publication Date: September 8th, 2018
Pages: 524
Language: English