Poison Frog: Bonarelli's Last Op (Paperback)

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U.S. Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander, Carlo, "Charlie" Bonarelli, is on his last op before retiring to civilian life. He is badly wounded during the evacuation of the prominent South American Zamoras family, kidnapped by Ernesto DelSalvo, and held at his Colombian estancia. DelSalvo, poses as the Colombian Minister of Agriculture, but is a vindictive and deadly drug lord. This is action-adventure, from the extraction of the kidnapped family in Colombia, while dodging DelSalvo's attempts to find the family and assassinate Commander Bonarelli. The pursuit of Commander Bonarelli begins as the U.S.S. Midway, CV41, docks in San Diego, to San Diego Naval Hospital and the Colorado home of the retiring Bonarelli who only wants to fly-fish and return to civilian life. During the rescue, Charlie is intrigued by two family members, the beautiful, widowed, Professor Antonia Boticelli-Zamoras and her four-year-old son, Rios. Ernesto DelSalvo's pursuit causes the family to be given political sanctuary and witness protection in the U.S. DelSalvo has ambitions to set up a major U.S. illegal drug distribution by taking over a prominent Denver laboratory owned by Dr. Beverly Waldorf. Waldorf is subsequently murdered at her estate with evidence pointing toward DelSalvo, in the U.S. on a diplomatic mission with diplomate immunity. The U.S. government pressures Charlie and his former SEAL team members to covertly pursue DelSalvo and criminal cohort, Fernando, "The Fat Man," who is based on a yacht in Miami, Florida while posing as a legitimate produce importer. Charlie enlists the help of his SEAL team and cousin, Bobo Marcantonio, who owns a Denver wholesale produce company. Resulting in steady action through the Rocky Mountains and a chase to and from Dead Man's Key, The Bahamas, back to Florida and an explosive encounter in a Florida Mangrove. The climax ensues with a pursuing Bonarelli and SEAL team, in hot pursuit of DelSalvo and his psycho-killer henchman, Sagger, from Dead Man's Key to a Florida mangrove and a troubling ending. Charlie returns to his home in Denver, civilian life and a serendipitous encounter. POISON FROG-Bonarelli's Last Op leaves the reader speculating about Bonarelli's future. POISON FROG is a sequel to the coming of age novel BEING BONARELLI published in 2015.
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ISBN: 9781795147064
ISBN-10: 1795147067
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 7th, 2019
Pages: 276
Language: English