Greenwood Riven (Paperback)

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Greenwood County's Mexican, Japanese, and Anglo enclaves coexist in an uneasy truce on Colorado's High Plains, until Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. A sign appears in the barbershop window: "Japs Shaved Free-Not Responsible for Accidents-25 cents for a Jap Ear." Decades before talk of building a great wall on the southern border or registering Muslims, Greenwood was riven.

Art and Martha Lundgren, still grieving their baby's death, covertly maintain friendships with Japanese on nearby farms. Having lost hired hands to the service and struggling to meet food production goals, they turn to the Marquez family for help.

When construction begins on Camp Amache, an internment site for thousands of Japanese forcibly relocated from the West Coast, Greenwood erupts in protest. Martha confronts violence against her Japanese neighbors and investigates the suspected internment of former residents, decisions that threaten her family's reputation, and her life.

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ISBN: 9781535602426
ISBN-10: 1535602422
Publisher: V.L. Purvis-Smith
Publication Date: December 5th, 2016
Pages: 640
Language: English