Beyond The Camps: From Japanese-American Internment Nightmare to 'American Dream' (Hardcover)

Beyond The Camps: From Japanese-American Internment Nightmare to 'American Dream' Cover Image


Countless books and magazine articles have been written about the gross injustice
of Japanese-American Internment during World War II, and how hard and
degrading life was in the camps.

But relatively little has been published about what happened after the nightmare

In fact, there’s a positive story to be told—in the context of that regrettable period in
American history—and Beyond The Camps captures it through interviews with
former internees and their children.

Living the spirit of the Japanese term shikata ga nai, which literally means “it can’t
be helped,” Japanese Americans refused to dwell on the unfairness of internment,
choosing instead to “get on with life.” Exhibiting the determination, imagination,
patience and resourcefulness symbolized by the ancient art of bonsai, they pursued
the “American Dream”—with impressive and varied success.

Aster and George Oye were married for sixty years, and Chizuko and Dr. Dick Momii
celebrated their sixty-ninth in 2017. Rose Tanaka taught in Denver public schools
for twenty-five years, and Bob Sakata became one of the nation’s foremost growers
of produce for major grocery chains—twenty-five million ears of corn per year! Bill
Hosokawa was arguably the nation’s preeminent Japanese American journalist;
George Kawamura, a prominent figure in Colorado state government for ore than to
decades; and Dr. Robert Hamada, Dean of the University of Chicago Graduate School
of Business—to mention only a few of those whose stories are related in Beyond The

A bonus in this book is a riveting account of the bombing of Hiroshima by Michio
Taniwaki, an American citizen who wound up a Japanese Army conscript rather
than an internee in America, and was there, digging a bomb shelter, the day Little
Boy dropped from the Enola Gay.

About the Author

DENNY DRESSMAN, the author of BEYOND THE CAMPS, is a former award-winning reporter, editor and senior executive who concluded a 42-year newspaper career in 2007. A member of the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame and a past president of both the Colorado Press Association and the Colorado Authors’ League, he is the author of eight other books. His biography of the late Grambling University football coach, Eddie Robinson, in the context of Jim Crow segregation and the Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960s, was a Colorado Book Award finalist and is the basis for an award-winning movie script. He lives in Denver with his wife Melanie. JOHN ELLIFF, who proposed the book and published it, is a retired ophthalmologist from Sterling, Colorado; a still-active oilman; and a former banker, developer, pilot and candidate for political office. He’s an accomplished amateur pianist and avid videographer, and was an active hunter and adventurer. He previously collaborated with Denny Dressman on Sterling Heroes of World War II, based on interviews he video-recorded with 36 veterans from Sterling, Logan County and surrounding northeast Colorado. He now lives in Denver with his wife Tudy.

Praise For…

“Beyond the Camps is an achievement of narrative history.”
--James X. Kroll, Manager, Western History Department, Denver Public Library

“This is an important book.”
--James P. Delaney, owner, Sentimental Productions, Cincinnati, Ohio

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ISBN: 9780983223634
Publisher: Vis-Op Publishing
Publication Date: April 10th, 2018
Pages: 227