About Us

Wine + Books

The idea of combining a book store and wine bar came to owner, Nicole Sullivan, like a bolt of lightning one day while reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.  Who among us does not like wine and books and books with wine?  About a dozen years later, after meandering through a few different careers, culinary school, marriage and motherhood, BookBar began to take shape.  

A Gathering Space

Sullivan became interested in not only the concept of combining books and wine but also creating a community gathering space where it is not just accepted but encouraged, to lounge and read or meet and discuss; to take time to slow down and share food, drink, the written word (in whatever form) – to savor the good things in life. And to have a really awesome place to hang out when the kids are driving her nuts. Contact us to gather in our space.

Indie Book Store

With independent book stores and the traditional book industry in a state of flux and struggle, Sullivan quickly became obsessed with the idea of creating a self-sustaining model for an independent book store.  For Sullivan, independent book stores are incredibly important for communities, authors and readers.  In an age when we can get books easily, quickly and cheaply from anywhere, anytime, indie book stores are more important than ever for readers seeking great literature, beyond just the top ten bestsellers.  

Locally Sourced Menu

The idea to slow down and savor drives everything BookBar does from our highly curated book inventory to our locally sourced, housemade menu items and high quality single-sourced coffees and teas as well as hand-picked gifts.  We strive to create not only a retail, bar and cafe space but a unique experience.  Check out our new garden patio where we grow many of our own herbs and veggies for our menu!

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